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The Arts Work Fund is a funder collaborative created to help strengthen the management and operations of small arts and cultural organizations in Chicago and Cook County.

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Think through a question, analyze challenges and opportunities, and develop plans or small tests of change

About Think Grants

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Test and implement fully developed ideas with resources to support creativity and risk-taking

About Explore Grants

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Forget grant reports. Strengthen the community through genuine sharing of lessons learned—failures and triumphs

More About Sharing

Adapt to Change. Address Challenges. Focus on Equity.

Think • Explore • Share offers grants to enable arts organizations - or collaborative groups of arts organizations - to change operational and/or artistic practices to meet a changing arts environment.

These adaptation grants are intended to give organizations room to plan for (THINK) and test and enact (EXPLORE) shifts in organizational structure, operations, and/or financial practices. The grants are intended not for ongoing and regular operational costs but to help organizations redefine key partnerships, address longstanding challenges, navigate critical organizational transitions, and build a foundation of resilience to ensure they can effectively meet their missions.

Who’s Eligible to Apply?

  • Arts organizations led by, for, and about black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), with operating expenses of $2 million and below.
  • Any arts and culture organization with operating expenses of $800,000 and below.

Grant Size

  • Think Grants – up to $20,000 and Explore Grants – up to $30,000 for arts organizations led by, for, and about BIPOC, people with disabilities, LGBTQ people, and women.
  • Think Grants – up to $15,000 and Explore Grants – up to $25,000 for all other eligible organizations.

Our goal is to allocate 65% of all grants to organizations led by, for, and about BIPOC communities.

Upcoming Application Deadlines:

May 15, 2024, at 5:00 p.m. CT -- decision in July

August 15, 2024, at 5:00 p.m. CT -- decision in October

Grant Guidelines

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AWF Connect Listserv: A Supportive Community of Over 500 Organizations

AWF Connect is a discussion list specifically geared for the arts community. Members of the AWF Connect list include: seasoned arts administrators, funders of the arts, artists, and other amazingly talented folks in the arts community.

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Emergency Relief Fund

From the beginning, it was clear that COVID-19 would have a devastating impact on the arts and cultural sectors and that Arts Work Fund needed to pivot to provide unrestricted, immediate support to arts organizations as they grappled with the fallout. In short order, a robust collaborative was formed between Arts Work Fund, 3Arts, Arts Alliance Illinois, the City of Chicago, the State of Illinois, the local philanthropic community, and individual donors. Called the Arts for Illinois Relief Fund, Arts Alliance Illinois administered the fund, 3Arts leveraged its expertise to make grants available to artists, and the Arts Work Fund focused on grants to nonprofit arts organizations. Read More...

source: @CEKIMpRADmt

Reaching Forward

Throughout 2019, the Arts Work Fund AWF partnered with 21 African American, Latinx, Arab American, Asian American, and Native American arts leaders to co-design a new grant program and refine our grantmaking criteria and processes. COVID-19 interrupted the launch of our new grant program as we shifted to respond to emergency relief efforts. But we have instituted the grant making refinements that emerged from this process. Read More...

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